Dallas City To Aid Local Organizations With Cleanup Effort Throughout Holiday Weekend

The City of Dallas Homeless Solutions Bureau and the Department of Code Compliance Services are working together to serve the vulnerable population of Dallas throughout the holiday weekend. From Friday April 2 through Sunday April 4, rubbish bins will be set up across town so items can be easily thrown away.

Trash can near downtown

“We care about all of our residents,” said Fabian Ramirez, Supervisor III Nuisance Abatement, Code Compliance Department. “This initiative will not only help people who help others, but also keep Dallas clean.”

Although the supply of food to the unprotected population is non-profit, street feeding can lead to higher levels of waste on the streets and potential traffic.

Trash cans are placed in the following locations:
– 1500 Martin Luther King Boulevard
– 1700 Cadiz Street
– Canton 1502 (both star car parks)
– Coriscana Street and South Ervay Street
– Marilla Street and Canton Street

You can find more information about street feeding on the city’s website.

Written by Eric Onyechefule

This press release was produced by the City of Dallas. The views expressed here are the author’s own.

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