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Alexia P. Hammonds, Founder and CEO of Eat. Sweat. Undress. Was inspired by her lifelong passion for fragrance to formulate a hair perfume line in Grasse, France. According to one statement, she was the first black female founder to do this.

“As someone who has been in love with fragrances since I was a child and always wanted a line of fragrances, I knew that one day [France] was where I had to have it [made]”Said Hammonds.

Prior to introducing the fragrance line, she used her 15-year background teaching Pilates, yoga, and barre internationally and her previous experience as a beauty editor to rename Eat. Sweat. Undressing. in October 2020.

Eat originally. Sweat. Undressing. was Hammonds’ blog, where she shared her fitness class schedule in 2012. She said at the time that she also sold 300 t-shirts and had a bath and body line, but blogging should be a hobby.

After talking to her father, she realized that Eat. Sweat. Undressing. could be transformed from a blog into an online private label selling beauty products, fitness apparel and equipment, nutritional supplements, and styling advice services.

“I want to create something that will be a hub for all the things I love,” said Hammonds. “And it’s so nice to see that the things I love resonate with so many others.”

According to Hammonds, the hair fragrance market, unlike the oversaturated fragrance industry, has fewer than 70 brands. She realized that she could create a hair fragrance with beautiful fragrances and hair care benefits.

The Alexia P. Hammonds Hair Mist Collection, named after her, contains five fragrances: KoKo Ni, Garden Party, Dallas, Diana Beach, and Carnal # 4. The individual fragrances cost $ 65 each and there is a sampler set for $ 32. Dollar.

Unlike regular perfume, which is usually high in alcohol, Hammonds formulated their hair fragrances with keratin protein and cashmilan to strengthen and condition the hair.

Carnal # 4 has particularly resonated with customers who say it reminds them of someone they know via Hammonds.

“These are all my personal experiences. But I knew that even though her inspirations are mine, ”said Hammonds. “I knew that somehow they would connect with the audience.”

Carnal # 4 was inspired by the meaning of the word carnal, defined as intense sexual desire, and Hammonds’ brother, whose brotherhood number was four.

“What I’ve noticed, what I’ve heard, and what I see for the company is that we inspire women to feel more confident, not apologize to themselves, and achieve their goals and dreams,” said Hammonds.

At the top of Eat with just a few months under her belt. Sweat. Undressing. As a lifestyle brand, Hammonds has the potential to continue to make historic premieres and inspire other female founders to do the same.

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