Dallas Area Rapid Transit requests delay for public hearings and other planning and zoning news

The commissioners can be seen at the final meeting of the Plano Planning and Zoning Commission. (Screenshot over the city of Plano)

The public hearings on the Dallas Area Rapid Transit special permit applications in Plano have been postponed until February 15.

The two inquiries apply to the land around the DART station in the city center, where the Silver Line will be connected to the current Red Line station. The existing station will be redesigned and an elevated station will be built with zoning permission across 12th Street and the railroad tracks.

DART staff are still working with engineers to resolve some issues, a letter to the Commission said, which is delaying the request.

The Plano Planning and Zoning Commission unanimously approved this delay for the public hearings.

Parker Road request placed by developer for smaller lot sizes

The planning and development consultancy, which stands behind a 16.8 acre housing estate along Parker Road, has withdrawn the proposed change to the development.

This application, which would have allowed smaller plot sizes on the property, was submitted by February 1 for discussions with neighbors. However, at the February 1 meeting, the group announced that it had decided to withdraw these requests.

Applicants Chen You-Hong and Hong Zhuang are not expected to return with similar requests, city officials said.

The American First National Bank reapproved expired plans

The American First National Bank received approval for a replica, a revised preliminary site map, and a revised site map all at once on Feb. 1.

The bank first filed and received approval in 2012 to split the bank’s property into two lots along K Avenue and 19th Street. However, the plat was never submitted and expired along with the associated concept plans.

With renewed approval, the bank intends to divide the property into two pieces of land, to sell a piece of land with an existing office building and to move to a new building on the undeveloped property, according to a letter to the commissioners.

In order to prepare the property for sale, the bank will create relief for the existing office and create a public access point from K Avenue to the property.

These requests were accepted 8-0 by the commissioners.

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