Dallas-area family details their brush with record-breaking storm

Millions of Texans without electricity due to a historic storm

With historic winter weather affecting much of Texas, FOX 5’s Evan Lambert tells us the personal story of a few family friends who braved the outages near Dallas.

Glenn and Ezell Holley grew up in Texas and have never seen a winter storm that left millions of people without electricity and dozens of deaths – until now.

The father and son are the relatives of Alex Holley, the morning anchor of FOX 29 in Philadelphia, and friends of the family of Evan Lambert of FOX 5.

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Alex Holley began tweeting on Monday that her family had lost power in the historic storm. Tuesday she was able to find them a hotel.

Ezell Holley is 91 years old and says he’s seen snow in Texas before, but nothing like the recent storm.

“It was miserable. It’s the worst I’ve ever been through. It was a disaster,” said Glenn Holley.

Before reaching the hotel, the family spent hours by the fireplace to keep warm and prepare food.

“You still had to wear your clothes. Fully dressed and heavy coats and clothes and finally the granddaughter brought us this hotel and that was quite a relief,” said Ezell Holley.

The family has no idea when the power will be restored and pipes burst in their hotel on Wednesday night, but they are safely staying in their room.

The storm left dozens of deaths and millions of people without power, with no schedule for recovery, after the cold weather overwhelmed the power grid as the system was not positioned for that type of weather.

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