Cowboys great Darren Woodson says Dallas tackles ‘like they’re playing flag football’

If anyone knows what good tackling looks like, it’s the all-time leading tackler for the Dallas Cowboys, former security guard Darren Woodson.

It goes without saying that if Woodson knows what good tackle looks like, then he must also know what bad tackle looks like.

In a recent Sports Illustrated article, the former Cowboys Safety recapitulated Dallas’ one season train wreck (they’re currently 4-9) and showed particular disdain for their supposed lack of fire on the defensive side of the ball.

“The way they play makes the competitor in you flinch,” Woodson told “It was my job to hit people. Punish quarterbacks. To have my teammate back.

“But these people… I don’t know. They help runners. Love helmets. After the game it’s sure to be a brotherhood. But between the lines, where is the hostility? We just don’t see anger in the veins of this defense. We see tackle like they’re playing flag football. That’s why they were injured all season. “

My goodness.

Woodson is, of course, one of the most decorated cowboys players. He played for Dallas from 1992 to 2003, was named All-Pro four times, was five times Pro Bowler and won three Super Bowls. And was recently named a semi-finalist on the Pro Football Hall of Fame for the fifth time since his admission.

You can read the rest of the Sports Illustrated story here.


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