Chic new black-owned restaurant-cocktail bar lands in downtown Dallas

A Houston food and beverage veteran opens a new restaurant and bar in downtown Dallas. Called Real cuisine + cocktailsIt will open the historic Hart Building in downtown Dallas on Elm St. in 1933, behind the Majestic Theater, with comfort food, craft cocktails, live music and DJs.

According to a publication, it will open in the summer of 2020.

Owner is Kevin Kelley, who was involved in Taste Bar + Kitchen, a similar concept in Houston (the + sign gives it away). His goal: to stand out from traditionally modest comfort restaurants by creating a first-class facility with a high level of service and atmosphere.

He also stresses that the restaurant is black owned and will be culturally diverse.

The menu offers beautifully covered Mediterranean classics with a certain touch, including:

  • fried chicken and lobster tails

  • Prawns and grits

  • Oxtails

Sides include vegetables, black-eyed peas, and candied yams. Desserts include peach cobbler, lemon cake, and banana pudding.

The publication describes the cocktails as “stunning”, presented in a distinctive way with a flair never seen before in a comfort food restaurant. We are totally ready for our minds to be blown.

In 2017, Kevin Kristian 2612, LLC acquired the historic Hart Building and adjoining property, which currently operates as Club Medusa. The restaurant is currently in the final stages of a “7-digit” renovation.

“We started development on the 1933 Elm with the intention of renting it out to an outside entity,” says Kelley. “However, it turns out that Dallas deserves a black-owned restaurant in the central business district. We strive to not only present fantastic flavor profiles, while we have the best facilities and feel for every single population in Dallas, not just for black people Offer.”

“In time, we hope to offer a complete one-stop experience that includes food, nightlife and entertainment, thanks in part to the neighboring Majestic Theater,” he says.

It is also their hope to inspire others regarding food and beverage to develop and support black-owned concepts.

“Our general manager is Spanish, our manager is black, our chef is black and our bar manager is white,” he says. “We are committed to representing the diversity that all restaurants in Dallas should have. Not just in the kitchen, but in management and other roles. We will be that model for the diversity and possibilities of restaurants, and so we hope to have everyone’s support. ” Person of any ethnicity and background. “

“Not only black lives are important, but black companies too,” he says. “We hope the public will support that we are not only black-owned but have put together a diverse dream team of talent to make sure this concept works properly.”

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