Cheery coffee spot La La Land Kind Cafe opens third shop in Dallas

Forbes 30 The under 30-year-old entrepreneur Francois Reihani has opened a third La La Land Kind Cafe in Dallas.

The new café, which sells one of the most extensive Matcha teas in town, opened quietly on Christmas Eve. It is near University Park on Lovers Lane, just west of the Dallas North Tollway.

La La Land started out in Lowest Greenville, Dallas and received national attention for its mission to employ young adults who have aged out of the care system. Reihani plans to open more cafes in 2021: another in Dallas, more in other cities in Texas, and one outside of Texas.

“There will definitely be a lot going on in 2021,” says Reihani, a first-generation American who grew up in Mexico. He is an ambitious entrepreneur in his mid twenties who speaks three languages ​​- English, Spanish and Persian.

La La Land owner Francois Reihani has expanded the company to include three coffee shops in Dallas. At least one more is expected to open in Dallas in 2021.(Lawrence Jenkins / Special Contributor)

He said he did not see the coronavirus pandemic as a threat to business, in part because coffee shops have already been set up for grab-and-go customers. And Reihani has too much work to do: “That’s why we didn’t want to hold up our growth plans for a year,” he says.

The second La La Land opened on Oak Lawn Avenue in Dallas in July.

As Reihani La La Land expands to other major cities, he intends to continue offering internships for ex-foster children and possibly adults with special needs. These jobs make up a small percentage of La La Land’s workforce, but Reihani believes they are the most influential. The company has worked with 17 ex-foster children to date.

The coffee shops fund his mission to provide work to underserved adults. He started a nonprofit called We Are One Project and plans to consult with companies interested in giving jobs to adults who used to be in the care system.

“Even if we open 10,000 stores, we won’t solve the whole problem,” says Reihani. “It will take a number of different variations.”

The most popular items in the shop have a theme: there is La La Latte, an espresso ice drink with honey and cream; There is the La La Cookie with chocolate chips. and there is the La La Avocado Toast with chilli flakes, lemon and coriander. All “La La” brand items are usually fan favorites, says Reihani.

The company sold a whopping 40,000 servings of avocado toast in 2020, Reihani says.

The new La La Land Kind Cafe is located at 5600 W. Lovers Lane, Dallas.

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