Busy Day for Dallas County Deputies on Ice Slicked Roads – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

Thursday morning was just the start of bitter cold weather that could lead to more dangerous driving conditions in Dallas County.

“From midnight to 10 am this morning, our MPs had over 150 accidents,” said Raul Reyna, public information officer for the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department. “We have to slow down on the highways and pay special attention to our people who work in the accidents and try to help people get home safely.”

On Thursday morning, Dallas County Sheriff Marian Brown tweeted a warning photo of a car that crashed into an assistant cruiser and landed on the cruiser with the assistant in his car.

A Dallas sheriff’s deputy was in an accident when his patrol car became part of the scene. Fortunately the proxy is fine but this underscores the need for everyone to slow down … for themselves and for others !! pic.twitter.com/efjiXcV9Kj

– Sheriff Marian Brown (@ SheriffMBrown14) February 11, 2021

“We’re just glad that both the deputy and the person who actually hit the vehicle were fine and unharmed,” said Reyna.

Long before the sun rose, law enforcement had closed some roads near the High Five Interchange and south at 67 and I-35.

Roads that were closed were slowly covered with ice.

“We knew it had the potential, but it was pretty bad,” said Reyna. “I didn’t see it that way in … I can’t remember when.”

Just east of Dallas, I-30 retreated miles after being shut down by an articulated truck near Lake Ray Hubbard after being wrecked.

The traffic continued slowly toward Greenville.

Truck driver Raymond Swiney said he stopped for almost two hours.

After moving slowly for another hour while watching other drivers slide into ditches and other lanes, he called it a night and joined dozens of other trucks driving on back roads and shoulders.

He said the truck stops along the entire route were full.

“When something like this hits Texas, it does what it does now. It causes all kinds of stagnation, “Swiney said.

The Dallas County Sheriff’s Department requests those who can stay home.

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