Business Briefs: Houston-based Architecture Firm PDR Expands to Dallas

Design, architecture and consulting firm PDR expanded its reach and opened a regional office in Dallas. The company’s portfolio includes several Fortune 1000 customers, including Exxon Mobil and Texas Instruments, and the company had sales of $ 19 million in 2019.

“What makes PDR different is the way we address business drivers that all businesses face, including employee mobility in and out of office walls, wellbeing, employee engagement, collaboration, generations, the Employee attraction and retention and corporate reputation, “said Lauri Goodman Lampson, PDR President and CEO, in a press release.

Marc Bellamy, who has over 20 years of interior design, base building design and real estate development experience, will lead the new Dallas office in Common Desk’s Ross Avenue coworking offices. He will oversee several ongoing Dallas projects, including a 25,000-square-foot project near the Legacy Town Center in Plano – a collaboration with USAA and JLL Delivery Services – and a building design improvement project at Cypress Waters development the Billingsley Company.

Whitely Penn launches strategic advisory services practice

Frank Ianelli will lead Whitley Penn’s new program.

Plano-based tax firm Whitely Penn has embarked on a strategic advisory practice designed to help businesses, investors, boards of directors and management teams improve their business and finances. Services include performance improvements, strategic financial services, turnaround and restructuring, as well as coaching and mentoring.

“In the ever changing business landscape, many of our customers have expressed a need for this type of outsourced service,” said Larry G. Autrey, Managing Partner at Whitley Penn.

The company hired Frank Ianelli to lead the effort. Ianelli has over three decades of business experience, specializing in providing strategic, operational and financial advice to executive teams and leading initiatives to achieve strategic business goals.

The Dallas Kendra Scott team donates meals to the Ronald McDonald House

COVID-19 has made it impossible for Ronald McDonald’s volunteers, who normally deliver meals, to cook and deliver the food that families who stay in the hospital depend on. On site here in Dallas, Kendra Scott provided the Ronald McDonald House with food.

Kendra Scott works with local restaurants to provide meals for the eight Ronald McDonald Houses in Texas, including the one in Dallas. The jewelry company employees have also delivered gifts to health care workers at Children’s Health.

The Austin-based company is also re-using existing materials by donating its yellow branded bandanas to local volunteer groups to sew non-medical masks to be distributed to various hospitals in the Austin, New Orleans, New York and California communities.

Rosewood Corporation and the Caroline Rose Hunt Family donate medical supplies to rescue workers

Rosewood Corporation and the Caroline Rose Hunt family donated 6,000 face shields to the Dallas Fire and Rescue and 50,000 packets of hand sanitizer to the Dallas Police Department.

Rosewood Corporation and the Caroline Rose Hunt Family donate Dallas Fire and Rescue face protection.

“These face shields are essential for our DFR team to serve the public,” said Tami Kayea, assistant director of Dallas Fire-Rescue, in a press release.

Multicam and INW Manufacturing, the two manufacturing companies of Rosewood Corporation, have changed their manufacturing strategy to make the much-needed PPE for city workers.

“At this critical time, it is more important than ever that we innovate and work together to protect our local first responders when they risk their lives to protect our community,” said Lynn Fisher, Rosewood director of Corporate Giving in a publication.

TireHub is moving to Arlington

TireHub, the national tire retailer co-founded by Bridgestone Americas Inc. (Bridgestone) and The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company (Goodyear), has relocated its Dallas logistics center to Arlington. The company hopes the new location on East Arkansas Lane and its nearby Coppell counterpart will provide easier access to the Fort Worth consumer base.

“We are in unprecedented times due to the current pandemic, and our customers need us more than ever,” said Sylvia Wilks, Vice President of Operations, in a press release.

Jewelers Mutual opens its first Dallas office at Mockingbird Station

107-year-old jewelry insurance company Jewelers Mutual opened its first Dallas office at Mockingbird Station. The 6,200-square-foot space is the company’s only office outside of its Neenah, WI headquarters.

The new office will help Jewelers Mutual continue to grow and diversify its services and technological platforms and tools. This is an ongoing business goal that has made Dallas attractive as a city with a growing technology sector.

“By adding a location in Dallas and leveraging its advanced technical talent, Jewelers Mutual can take jewelry protection to the next level,” said Bryan Howard, director of product management and underwriting, in a press release.

In the Jewelers Mutual Dallas office at Mockingbird Station.

The accessibility of the Mockingbird Station combined with its proximity to restaurants and retail stores has made Jewelers Mutual the place to be, especially as a hotspot for business people and young professionals. “We like to call ourselves a 107 year old company with a start-up mentality,” Howard said in a press release.

College architects in Fort Worth accept Cameron Alread workload

Two architecture firms in Fort Worth, Quorum Architects and Cameron Alread, have been working together for more than 20 years. Now, Quorum will expand Alread’s affordable housing business.

Alread has completed more than $ 600 million for construction, most of which has consisted of the Housing and Urban Development Department, Rental Assistance Demonstration, and Housing Projects. They will continue to sign the current contracts for the next two years while Quorum tackles any new business opportunities.

“Cameron was ready to relax and think about retirement, and we were keen to develop affordable housing practice,” said David Lee, principal at Quorum, in a press release.

Currently, Quorum works for housing authorities in Temple and Georgetown and has been awarded multi-year contracts with 11 housing authorities in Texas since November. Two of the company’s six clients will be housed in their new, affordable design studio in Fort Worth.

Local experts say property taxes may rise as a result of COVID-19

Local property tax experts fear that COVID-19 could pose a challenge for homeowners as the system moves to online complaints and unique situation laws apply.

Lauri Michel, a Texas attorney, says local governments can raise the cap on new income up to eight percent without voter approval. That law, Senate Bill 2, only applies after a government has declared a state of emergency and accepted federal funding.

Since the property valuation was made at the beginning of 2020 before COVID-19, Michel also predicts that property values ​​will also rise. “The law requires valuation districts to rate a property from January 1, and by then we had a very healthy economy,” she says.

Usually the best protection against property tax liability is to file a complaint, but on-site protection can prevent physical filing procedures. “While many rating districts will be delaying sending notices this year, we encourage homeowners to act quickly as soon as they receive notices,” said Glenn Goodrich, a professional real estate tax advisor and developer of in the Dallas area, an online tool that is designed to help homeowners in Texas control the appeal process.

The deadline for filing appeals is 30 days from the date a district sends notices or May 15, whichever is greater.

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