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BOKA Powell publishes his design for the futuristic Uber Skyport

The Dallas architectural firm is one of several to offer designs for the Skyports, which could be the landing base for the plane that Uber said may fly as early as 2020.

BOKA Powell has released its futuristic Skyport vision for an urban airport structure to support UberAIR’s vertical take-off and landing taxis.

The Dallas architectural firm is one of several that will offer designs for the skyports, which could be the landing pads for the aircraft. Uber said Uber may be flying between 1,000 and 2,000 feet above the city’s sky by 2020.

BOKA Powell said his inspiration comes from “the dynamics of flight that connects Uber car passengers to Uber’s VTOL network through an open-air vertically oriented structure.”

Other Skyport Design finalists are Corgan from Dallas, Arup from Duncanville, Humphreys & Partners Architects from Dallas and Beck from Dallas.

Uber Elevate released its prototype airplane during the 2018 Uber Elevate Summit in Los Angeles. DFW is a test market alongside Los Angeles and Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


The drop-off area of ​​the Skyport. [Rendering courtesy of BOKA Powell]


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