Best Chinese Restaurants in Dallas: Tiffany Moon Shares Her Favorite Spots

The countdown has started and the lunar new year is just around the corner. The Chinese zodiac, celebrated on Friday February 12th this year, dictates that this be the one Year of the Oxwhich symbolizes hard work, honesty and determination. While many Asian restaurants have special menus around the multi-day celebration, we thought this was a great opportunity to explore the variety of traditional cuisines that you can enjoy any time of the year.

We reached out to Tiffany Moon, MD, a certified anesthesiologist who practices at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, to find places to go for her favorite Chinese dishes. As a first-generation Beijing-born Chinese American, she has a unique insight into the local Asian restaurant scene that spans the entire North Texas region, rather than one unique neighborhood or neighborhood. She is one too Fashion icon when she’s not in the operating room and a welcome addition to the latest season of The real housewives of Dallas Here she is the first Asian American to join the franchise. She is constantly on the move with her husband, five-year-old brotherly twins, a dog named Milo, and a rescue hare named Mochi. But never too far from a fantastic meal.

Here are 10 of Moon’s most popular Chinese restaurants, and what each one recommends.

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