Behold the Mighty Beignet and Where to Find Them Around Dallas

Come to Carnival on February 16, our deepest desires take place in doughy pillows under a flood of powdered sugar. Bring the fritters. Shake them in a bag or gently pry them into your mouth like snow-capped airships to leave a white snowfall. We may not have a French Quarter, but you’re sure to encounter real New Orleans-style fritters made to order here in Dallas that crave chicory coffee.

The good times

This Deep Ellum Counter Service Café, which takes its name from the famous Cajun phrase “laissez les bon temps rouler”, which means “letting the good times roll”, does just that. Snow-covered powdered sugar rolls hot fritters out of paper sacks. It’s a lovely mess on Le Bon Temps’ sidewalk parklet and we suspect the resident birds are sugary. The French Quarter style fritters are airy and can certainly hold their own against the real deal in NOLA. But the real madness is the Le Boneignet, a cake-like variant that’s coated with butter – similar to laminated dough for croissants – and creates a flaky, rugged exterior that captures the sugary coating.

Cajun donuts II

It is worth pulling yourself out of bed and driving into the hinterland of Belt Line Road for these bites. Expect powdered sugar matter horns with a yeasty, cake-like crumb, and dark mahogany, fried batter outside (the little you can see under the avalanche). The owners of this business, who open the doors of a shopping mall and gas station every day from 5 a.m. to 12 p.m., have longstanding ties to the New Orleans family. So the Boudin links – them alone or stuffed in a kolache – are excellent too.

Funny birds

An award for outstanding, long-risen, complex yeast taste should go to Oddfellows’ Beignets. The fluffy, golden pockets are just right with a honey side. Pull them apart to reveal an airy interior. Are you serving a good jolt to immerse yourself at this Bishop Arts icon who was one of the first to brew us from La Marzocco’s third wave? Of course they do.

Carnival happenings over town

Mask yourself. Pearls on. Stay away. Then let the good times roll.

Sat, Feb. 13

Legacy Food Hall
This restaurant district in Plano has hurricane specialties in souvenir cups for $ 10 (available February 12-16). Saturday only, you can go to Dock Local’s lobster cook ($ 25) between 4pm and 7pm. During the week up to Fat Tuesday, the Leila Bakery offers shrimp po’boys, mini king cakes and praline crepes from Whisk & Eggs.

Tuesday, February 16: Fat Tuesday

The Bishop Arts Cajun-Asian Restaurant is usually closed on Tuesdays. Fat Tuesday is the exception. A seafood carnival is being cooked outside on the terrace from 4 to 10 p.m. The full menu will also be available. It wouldn’t be a fat Tuesday without alcohol: $ 5 frozen hurricanes plus beer and good drinks.

Legacy Food Hall
Here you’ll find Mardi Gras-themed food and drink options and a New Orleans brass ensemble for entertainment from 7pm to 9pm. Reservations after 7pm, masks and physical clearances are required to accommodate capacity.

Fish City Grill and Half Shells
Head to local seafood restaurants for a carnival party in a box that has all the ingredients for a good time: two pounds of lobster, a quart of gumbo, two hurricanes or the highest quality margaritas with glassware and pearls and a link to a Spotify playlist .

Fri, Feb. 19

JAXON Texas Kitchen & Beer Garden
Head downtown, where this southern-style restaurant will stop cooking lobsters from 5:00 p.m. until then. There are king cake, hurricane cocktails for ten dollars, and live music channeling the sounds of the NOLA jazz scene. Tables are spaced. Masks are required.

Haute sweets patisserie

Owner Tida Pichakron has long since made her coffee and fritters pop-ups a coveted affair with a line around the block on one Saturday of the month. Their plump zeppelins – kissed with pumpkin or gingerbread, filled with raspberries or topped with candied bacon – compete with simple sugar snow – have the secret charm of something scarce. This weekend’s Mardi Gras popup has been postponed to reflect the threat of cooler weather that even a cup of Noble Coyote coffee couldn’t combat. Pre-order only. The acceptance deadline is Thursday (in this case February 25th for the February 27th popup). Follow updates on Instagram.

Funnel cake paradise

Duncanville’s funnel cake temple specializes in whimsy twists of fair food, from red velvet to caramel apple to banana pudding. But they also fry fritters that can shyly peek out under whipped cream or strawberry syrup or when dusting with powdered sugar. They won’t say no to filling them with ice either.

Swamp cafe

Cajun meets Korean food in this North Dallas restaurant. There are gumbo and po’boys and lobster etouffée, but it is the light golden fritters under a snow bank of sugar that attract. They come with a sidecar with a caramel dip, for that extra ping of sugar rush.

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