Bats, Other Wildlife Found Dead After Texas Winter Storm – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

Texas’s extended sub-freezing period in the past two weeks, combined with limited food resources, has affected many fish and wildlife species, according to the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department.

Animals most likely to be affected by the storm include red deer, black buck, and Nilgai antelope, native to temperate climates, as well as various species of bats and several species of birds.

Across the state, people have seen dead bats under bridges and found live bats that were injured from freezing due to dehydration, hunger, and cold body temperatures. TPWD says if you find a dead or live bat it is extremely important that you not handle the animals.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is soliciting the public for help by reporting all wildlife deaths on their property, in its neighborhood, etc. by clicking here.

TPWD says their staff will be able to conduct more site visits and collect reports from the public in order to better analyze the long-term impact of the winter storm on the state’s wildlife.

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