Artists young and old add to murals in Downtown Dallas to ‘spread love’ following protests over systematic racism, police brutality

Zoey Money, 7, added her artwork to the murals downtown in hopes of “spreading love, not hate”.

DALLAS – In the past few days, artists have been transforming parts of downtown Dallas. Places boarded up by riots have become canvases for artists who want to spread something positive.

“America can’t stand what they see in this country,” said Jay, who has now been downtown three times to witness the artwork.

The words “love”, “peace” and “unity” can be seen throughout the city center. Many artists started their work on Sunday and there aren’t many places left to paint.

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Kelton Onochie graduated from high school this month and decided to snap his graduation photos in his hat and dress in front of the murals.

“If we don’t love each other there is no way we can move forward,” said Onochie.

Zoey Money, 7, shared pictures of her artwork with the WFAA. She decided to create a picture of the victims of police brutality, which included George Floyd and Atatiana Jefferson with chalk.

“God doesn’t judge by skin color, but by heart,” Zoey told the WFAA.

It’s unclear how long the art will stay in downtown Dallas. Entrepreneurs are only just beginning to clean up the area and reopen their businesses.

Until the murals come down, it will continue to be a backdrop for hundreds of people walking the streets of Ervay and Commerce.

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