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If there is one positive thing that we can take out of this year, it is that new joyful aspirations have been born through the pain and adversity.

Gossypion (Gossy) Investments, founded by Darryl Ratcliff and Maya Crawford, is an agency dedicated to representing artists while helping communities and businesses thrive together – something that reminded us through the pandemic that we needed it.

As a writer and artist, Ratcliff knows more than most of the other tricks that 2020 applied to the artist’s psyche.

“The urge to self-sabotage is strong,” he says. “I am always happy when someone, especially creative people, can live their truths because sometimes they are not everyone’s truths. We want to include the role of culture in society. “

The first chase that Gossy started is currently running through January 1st at The Joule Hotel. To end a less happy year for many, they signed up with Headington Companies for a vacation show called Cheer! United.

In four site-specific installations in which visitors can interact and take photos, artists were commissioned to create sensory experiences that define the Christmas season.

Upon entering the exhibition, you will find Jennifer Wester’s “Chatter & Wit” installation, in which she used mirrors, Tyvek and acrylic to create a bizarre space that is reminiscent of a winter wonderland. In the next room, go through Jessica Bell’s “300 Balloons” display. Against a black background, the artist created a party-like backdrop full of balloons with streamers on the sides, reminding him of the celebrations of the coming New Year’s Eve.

“We want to include the role of culture in society.” – Darryl Ratcliff, co-founder of Gossypion Investments

Outloud’s “I’ll Never Tell It” lets visitors walk up stairs full of vintage furniture and snap photos with a retro phone that speaks to you when you pick it up. Chloe Curiel x Iam450’s final installation, “Seated Together,” includes an anti-gravity installation of vintage chairs and classic fabrics arranged in a geometric design that extends almost to the ceiling.

While Gossy’s first venture was to create a happy feeling through artist collaborations, they have bigger plans for the company’s future. Ratcliff believes that art can give businesses a sense of culture while businesses provide work to local artists.

“Suppose someone wants to enhance the look of their business,” explains Ratcliff. “We’re going to help him find an artist who can create an outdoor mural – that will ultimately bring more people into his business.”

The founders also want to raise minority artists, and this commitment is represented in the company name Gossypion Investments.

“There could be a story behind it,” says Ratcliff with a laugh. The word gossypium, he says, is an old Latin word for “cotton”. While Dallas was one of the largest inland ports for cotton, the word also has great meaning for the founders of Gossypion Investments as two black descendants of slaves.

“The cotton trade started the world economy as we know it,” says Ratcliff. “We were wondering what it means to navigate Dallas, what it means to a city built on stolen land by stolen labor.”

“We wanted something that not only reflected our past but also our future,” continues Ratcliff. “And cotton is important worldwide. Cotton is relevant in every culture: it’s an incredibly versatile material, it’s strong and soft. And as material, it’s all of these different things, just like us. “

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