aristides dallas architects inserts ‘lap pool house’ into the rugged landscape of tinos island

Aristides Dallas Architects embedded the “Lap Pool House” in the rough landscape of the island of Tinos in Greece. Starting from the geophysical phenomena that make up the character of the island, the minimalist residence is a reinterpretation of the impact between stone and air. the concrete The house combines open living spaces with expansive views of the natural surroundings, while private spaces such as bedrooms remain completely protected.all pictures from panagiotis voumvakis

aristides dallas Architects developed the “Lap Pool House” from the hollow landscape and the rocky outcrops of the Greek island as a building that adapts to the surrounding topography. At the same time, the house remains clearly visible thanks to its materiality, which consists mainly of concrete and makes the project appear like a crack in the natural terrain. The different areas of the residence, depending on their function, balance a balance between exposure and introversion, while an elongated pool conveys a sense of fluidity.Aristides Dallas Architects Add

The linear swimming pool extends to the edge of the hill on which the house is located, adding a sense of fluidity to the rocky surroundings. The pool also serves to subtly divide the building in two, separating a bedroom suite from the rest of the house. A semi-open terrace connects the two volumes and is protected from the elements thanks to a single concrete slab that towers above the entire building. Only the two bedrooms protrude above the roof and receive plenty of natural light thanks to a series of skylights.Aristides Dallas Architects Add Aristides Dallas Architects Add Aristides Dallas Architects Add

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