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February is American Heart Month. Join NBC 5 and the American Heart Association and learn how to protect your heart. Cardiovascular disease is a combination of heart disease and stroke. On average, around 2,300 people die every day from cardiovascular diseases. During American Heart Month, the American Heart Association and other organizations reaffirm the importance of heart health, the need for more research, and effort to ensure that millions of people live longer and healthier lives.

Obesity affects a larger number of adults and adolescents more than ever. Heart disease is diagnosed in adolescents in earlier years. As science advances medicine in exciting new ways, unhealthy lifestyle habits combined with rising obesity rates in children and adults have hampered advances in the fight against heart disease.

The good news is that, in most cases, heart disease is preventable with healthy choices. These choices include maintaining a healthy weight, controlling blood sugar and cholesterol, treating high blood pressure, at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity per week, regular check-ups, and quitting smoking.

American Heart Month is vital to awareness, but the American Heart Association urges people to care for their hearts year round. Consider the facts:

  1. Heart disease kills more people than all cancers combined.
  2. Heart attacks affect more people each year than the population of Dallas, Texas.
  3. 83% believe heart attacks can be prevented but are not motivated to do anything.
  4. 72% of Americans do not see themselves at risk for heart disease.
  5. 58% of Americans make no effort to improve their heart health.

The American Heart Month is more important today than ever as Covid-19 has a negative impact on the health of the population. According to recent research, the negative effects include potentially harmful effects on the heart and vascular system.

The Covid-19 pandemic has delayed or avoided hospital visits due to heart attacks and strokes. The poor results prompted the American Heart Association to create a national campaign called “Don’t Die When Doubt”. The campaign aims to remind individuals that hospitals are the safest place to go when people experience cardiovascular symptoms.

The lockdown of the Covid-19 pandemic has also resulted in more people embarking on unhealthy habits, such as: B. Eating bad food, drinking more alcohol and restricting physical activity. All of these unhealthy choices can lead to heart disease.

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NBC 5 is the media sponsor of the American Heart Association’s American Heart Month awareness campaign.

American Heart Month 2021
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