After Suffering Storm Damage, These Dallas Nonprofits Are in Dire Need of Donations

Last week, as the storms approached, we released a guide to help homeless Dallasites weather the freezing temperatures. Dozens of nonprofits in North Texas have been working around the clock to provide food, shelter, and warmth to these vulnerable people, and each would still benefit greatly from donations of money or utility.

However, a handful of organizations have reached – and exceeded – a state of crisis and require immediate attention. Domestic violence shelters have experienced floods, burst pipes and irreparable damage. Non-profit organizations that house abused and neglected children have almost run out of critical goods such as food and drinking water. This guide will alert you of immediate steps you can take to help.

Do you know an organization that urgently needs help to get through the next few days? E-mail [email protected] to add to this guide. We will update regularly.

Genesis women’s shelter

Genesis Women’s Shelter provides a safe haven for women and children leaving abusive homes and relationships. Earlier this week, the organization had to evacuate residents for the first time in 35 years. The pipes burst in the temporary accommodation Annie’s House and flooded homes, offices and the local school. Genesis urgently needs blankets, warm clothing, flashlights, batteries, and meals. It is also raising funds to purchase two commercial automatic generators.

Urgent Needs: Due to road conditions, Genesis is asking donors to donate financially instead of handing in items in person.

Where to donate: Donate money here.

The Grand Prairie Homeless Outreach Organization paid 70 motel rooms to accommodate 83 homeless people in Grand Prairie during the storm. From there, the organization distributed extra blankets, grocery packages, and other supplies to keep them warm in their motel rooms in the event of a power failure. When the temperatures start to rise on Sunday, the Grand Prairie Homeless Outreach Organization will need volunteers to return the unprotected individuals to their original location, as well as volunteers to donate and collect burlap that will be distributed upon check-out. Finally, the organization needs financial donations to cover the cost of the motel rooms and replenish its funds for future services.

Urgent Needs: Volunteers transporting the unprotected people in Grand Prairie, lunch donations and monetary donations.

Where to donate: Click here for information on volunteering and to donate money.

Jonathan’s place

Jonathan’s Place is a local non-profit organization that provides safe, loving environments for abused and neglected children, adolescents, and young adults. The bad weather and power outages forced the organization to move the children in their care to another location. Also, a pipe burst in the Girls Residential Therapeutic Program shack yesterday and the facility is now uninhabitable. Jonathan’s Place is in immediate need of financial donations, groceries and supplies to continue to care for its residents.

Urgent Needs: Donations of money, non perishable food, towels, blankets, battery operated flashlights and batteries.

Where to donate: Starting this Monday, donate goods at the Garland campus, 6065 Duck Creek Drive. Donate money here.

Mosaic services

Mosaic Services is a safe haven for refugees and survivors of human rights abuses such as domestic violence and sex trafficking. The nonprofit organization provides accommodation, legal services, mental health services, client advocacy, and educational programs. In anticipation of the storm, all residents of the shelter were moved to safe hotels last Friday. Mosaic Services has just learned that the first floor of its facility has been flooded, causing residents to stay in hotels until repairs can be made. Donations will help offset the cost of repairs and housing for residents.

Urgent Needs: Money.

Where to donate: Click here to donate.

Our call

OurCalling staff and volunteers have worked around the clock to ensure that homeless Dallasites are safe and warm. Most work in the emergency shelter at the convention center. Some respond to reports from people still on the snow-covered roads and conduct search and rescue operations to get them to safe locations. Some of these people suffered frostbite and were taken to hospitals for treatment. Without OurCalling, they could have died. Typically, OurCalling is busy running its day outreach center. Earlier this week. A sprinkler burst and flooded the building, causing significant damage. OurCalling needs help repairing their facilities and continues to serve Dallasites at risk.

Urgent Needs: Money.

Where to donate: Click here to donate.

Place of our friends

Our Friends Place empowers homeless and vulnerable young women with the tools and skills they need to be successful. Their residential center suffered a burst pipe and all residents had to be moved. “We know many of you have been affected this week as well, but we need your help to cover the emergency costs of repairing our young women home as soon as possible and to provide temporary housing for everyone,” the organization said in a Facebook post.

Urgent Needs: Money.

Where to donate: Donate here.

The North Texas Salvation Army

The North Texas Salvation Army has stepped up to convert several of its locations into emergency shelters and warming centers that serve thousands of Dallasites. Financial gifts will help provide food, electricity and shelter in these facilities. The organization also asks for necessities such as blankets and coats.

Urgent needs: Money and equipment for cold weather: new or carefully used blankets, coats, hats, gloves, scarves and hand warmers.

Where to donate: Donate money here. Donate goods at one of the shelters in Collin, Dallas, Denton, Ellis, and Tarrant Counties. (You can find exact locations here.)

The family place

On Wednesday, a pipe burst at The Family Place, Texas’ largest family violence agency. The shelter housed 52 women and 71 children, all of whom were relocated. To continue serving these survivors, The Family Place needs funding for repairs, shelter, and critical supplies.

Urgent Needs: Money.

Where to donate: Send the family to post a direct message on Instagram to donate.

Trustworthy world

Trusted World is a supply chain for nonprofits, social workers, churches and first responders. The organization handled fundraising and distribution in North Texas for Hurricane Harvey and then PPP distribution for United Way. Now it’s about food donations for those affected by the storm.

Urgent Needs: Non-perishable goods such as peanut butter, canned fruit and vegetables, noodles and rice.

Where to donate: Contact Courtney Weaver at 972-781-8597 or [email protected] to schedule a drop-off time at 613 Easy Street in Garland. You can also organize a food ride. More information can be found here.

Voice of Hope Ministries

This faith-based organization helps downtown families find the resources and develop the skills needed to overcome and break the cycle of poverty. In the aftermath of the storm, Voice of Hope supports these families by distributing essential items they would otherwise not have access to, such as hot meals, groceries, baby items, and warm clothing.

Urgent Needs: Warm meals for those in the Nash-Davis Recreation Center warming station. The organization also needs food and beverages such as warm milk, non-perishable milk, and water. Baby items such as blankets and diapers; Winter clothing such as gloves, hats, and earmuffs; and survival items such as batteries, firewood, and space heaters. The full list of requirements can be found here.

Where to donate: Hot meals can be handed in at the Nash-Davis Recreation Center, 3710 North Hampton Road. Other supplies can be dropped off at Voice of Hope, 4120 Gentry Drive. To arrange a pick up, send an email [email protected]

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