AC Hotel Dallas by the Galleria / 5G Studio Collaborative

AC Hotel Dallas from the Galleria / 5G Studio Collaborative

Courtesy Adam Dark

Courtesy Adam DarkCourtesy Adam DarkCourtesy Adam DarkCourtesy Adam Dark+ 22




  • Area area of ​​this architecture project

    173 m²

  • Year Final year of this architectural project



  • Manufacturer brands with products used in this architectural project

    Manufacturer: AutoDesk, CR Laurence, Neolith, Dormakaba, A light, Amerlux, Blessing Edam, Cement board manufacturer, Daltile, Jamie Stern, Johnsonite, light, MDC, Maharam, METALUX, Prime lighting, Shaw, Rotten, Wilsonart, Adobe, +20-20

Courtesy Adam DarkCourtesy Adam Dark

Text description of the architects. The design of the AC Hotel Dallas by the Galleria is based on the abstract ideas of Catalan modernism, which have a special meaning through the Spanish heritage of the AC brand. The building is expressed in the sharp-edged geometries of the facade and at the same time embodies the characteristic plasticism of the Catalan ethos and the pragmatism that defines the lifestyle in Dallas. This design framework aims to catalyze a progressive architectural tone for the upcoming redevelopment of the Dallas Midtown neighborhood and Dallas as a whole. The Urban Select Service Hotel is a basic structure for the pedestrian-centric $ 4 billion master plan. The hotel is located on the corner of a future 5 hectare Central Park and has 120 rooms, 10,000 SF meeting facilities and 10,000 SF combined lounge, corner bar, work, library and dining areas. The AC Hotel meanders on its corner with another hotel that is similarly scaled.

Courtesy Adam DarkCourtesy Adam DarkFirst floor planFirst floor planCourtesy Adam DarkCourtesy Adam Dark

The architecture combines the modern Spanish design sensibility of AC Hotels with the pragmatic urbanism of Dallas. The faceted levels of the facade are simply designed as a light grid and hover over the public space of the hotel. They develop throughout the day under the diffusive northern lights along with the color and light of the sky. The grid serves as an architectural fabric that falls over the transparent lobby and lounge. The view between the public pedestrian zone and the lush, bamboo-lined pool courtyard is seamless. The skin splits off down to street level and intervenes on passing pedestrians and their dogs to encourage interaction with the architecture along the space created between the street scene and the lobby. The skin design is based on a precisely manufactured metal rain cover system that requires a high degree of manual production. Careful attention has been paid to the depth and angle of each piece as a unique element and its intricate transitions with the rain cover tiles to enhance the language of materials across the facade.

Courtesy Adam DarkCourtesy Adam DarkCourtesy Adam DarkCourtesy Adam Dark

Layered ceiling levels in public spaces bring warmth into the spacious “Dallas Midtown’s Living Room” and subdivide the zones of social interaction in a suggestive way. During the day, the lobby and lounge are a coherent, clear space that feels like an extension of the street scene and inner courtyard. During the evening it is a warm, voluminous space with a view of the urban night scene and the internal pool party.

Courtesy Adam DarkCourtesy Adam Dark

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