A guide for seeing Christmas lights in Dallas

Make this year an event where you look at the Christmas lights, even if you stay in your car most of the time. We’ve explored streets and houses in three neighborhoods of Dallas, Lakewood, Swiss Avenue, and Highland Park, to help you find the most displayed or the most spectacular.

Along the way, you can have dinner, grab a bite to eat, or enjoy desserts from local places for added fun (or just to satisfy your sweet tooth).

It’s probably a no-brainer, but we recommend listening to Christmas music while you are out and about.

Here is a list of some streets with an abundance of decorated houses.

Lakewood and Swiss Avenue

Before heading out for Christmas lights in East Dallas, make sure to grab something to eat. A good place to have dinner is Flatbread Company, a pizza place at the foot of Lowest Greenville. It’s just a few minutes from your first twinkling lights on Swiss Avenue. The Flatbread Company has a huge deck that makes it easy for you to socially distance yourself from people outside of your household. It’s also a family-friendly place where the waiters toss a ball of dough for your child to play while you wait for your cakes.

Take Greenville Avenue which becomes Munger Boulevard until you reach Swiss Avenue. Turn right on Swiss and walk up the street, through the intersection on Collett Ave where you will see a house with large lighted trees. When you get to the end of the street, turn around the median and drive down the other side of Swiss Avenue.

Walk back down Swiss Avenue towards La Vista Drive. You can see the lights on either side of the street and a crib closer to the end of the street.

Next up for your tour of Lakewood, Lakewood Boulevard, Lakeshore Drive, Westlake Drive, and Meadow Lake Avenue in the heart of the neighborhood are the best bets on lights. Travel north on Abrams Road and turn right on Lakewood Boulevard. Your route is yours. Make sure to check out the massive Christmas trees and gifts near 6726 Lakewood Boulevard, however.

Westlake Drive has an abundance of lighted houses and there are some fun decorations like Santa and Buddy the Elf on Meadow Lake Avenue.

If you’re a Clark Griswold fan, be sure to head down Lakeshore Drive – the house is near the intersection on Lakewood Boulevard.

To end your East Dallas tour, stop at the Lakewood Growler for a few craft beers to take home, or head across the street to the Hillside Tavern for a snack and cocktail. For a shot of caffeine, head through White Rock Coffee on the northeast corner of Mockingbird and Abrams Streets. Note that it closes at 7pm

Highland park

Here’s the thing about the Christmas lights in Highland Park: you really can’t go wrong driving down one of the streets. The streets that bear the names of the universities – Harvard, Princeton, Dartmouth – are all worth a look. On the other side of Preston Road you can find great decorations on Arcady Avenue, Lorraine Avenue, Belclaire Avenue etc to Highland Park Village.

You could spend hours driving around, but here are our suggestions: Start with the iconic lighted trees of Highland Park Village. If you can find parking, take the kids to the bird bakery for a pampering. The ride will be more fun when the kids have cupcakes!

Adults should stop at Merit Coffee Co. for take-out lattes.

Make your way down Beverly Drive to see some of the best lights, and meander through the university’s adjoining streets such as Princeton and Harvard Avenues. Make sure to take a trip down Armstrong Parkway and follow your imagination on one of the intersecting streets. They’re full of lights, you can’t go wrong.

For one final stop at the end of your drive, head north on Preston Road past Mockingbird and Lovers Lanes. On the 3600 block of Southwestern Boulevard, you’ll find a famous house that houses more than 300 glowing Santa Clauses. You’ll know when it’s coming as traffic slows down when passers-by stop to get photos of the spectacle.

If your crew is hungry after all that driving, take the southwest east of 75 and head south on Greenville Avenue. The new Oak’d barbeque eatery serves up a serious cue from central Texas with an impressive range of homemade desserts to finish off.

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