A golf simulator bar is opening at Mockingbird Station in Dallas

An indoor golf simulator bar called The Turn is slated to open in June 2021 at Mockingbird Station in Dallas in place of the twin peaks restaurant.

The Turn was developed for “people who love golf and don’t want to spend four and a half or five hours with it,” says owner DJ Langer. It costs $ 45 per hour to play outside of peak hours – 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. weekdays, and $ 70 per hour at night and on weekends.

When The Turn opens, Proprietor DJ Langer says there will be 10 indoor hit bays. The shop will use TrackMan golf simulators that will allow guests to play virtually on golf courses around the world.(Courtesy The Turn Indoor Golf)

The high-ceilinged room will have 10 indoor bays and three private suites that can be used for events or golf lessons. A technology called TrackMan maps the swings of golfers playing virtually on more than 40 golf courses around the world. The turn will also have an indoor putting green with tracking devices so golfers can watch and learn from their putts. You can bring your own clubs or rent equipment on site.

Indoor golf simulator bars have not yet infiltrated north Texas, but companies like Topgolf, headquartered in Dallas, have helped give golf a technical edge. Daylight Golf in Grapevine recently opened.

The Turn has an existing location in Manhattan, and according to Langer, competition between indoor golf simulators is increasing in New York. He’s working on expanding The Turn to other cities like Nashville, Minneapolis, and Denver, and possibly Plano, Frisco, or Fort Worth.

“It’s becoming more popular than you think,” says Langer of indoor golf concepts. “Some focus on the food and drink aspect as well as the social aspect. Some focus on teaching and the technical aspect. Some focus on corporate parties. My vision is to focus on all of these. “

He is in talks with a local restaurateur to create the menu. Langer has golf-themed cocktails served at the 27-foot bar.

He likes the proximity of Mockingbird Station to Southern Methodist University, Highland Park, and Uptown Dallas. Jordan Cluff of DuWest Realty brokered the deal.

“We were definitely drawn to the company headquarters on the autobahn, 10 minutes at a time,” says Langer. The weather was also a factor. “You have spirited winters [and] spirited summers where you could certainly see a lot of people trying to play golf when they don’t want to be outside. “

The Turn Indoor Golf takes place at 5321 E. Mockingbird Lane at Mockingbird Station in Dallas. It is expected to open in June 2021.

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