7-Eleven Opens New Evolution Store in Dallas

The 7-Eleven Evolution store is the second in Dallas and the fifth in the country. It offers Laredo Taco Co., innovative self-service beverages on tap, fresh baked goods, mobile checkout technology and much more.

7-Eleven announced the opening of the newest 7-Eleven Evolution store, the second in Dallas and the fifth in the country.

Building on the success of his first Evolution Store in Sylvan | Thirty in Dallas, northeast Dallas on Lake Highlands, will share many of the same features that will attract customers from across Dallas-Fort Worth. Number one on the list is a Laredo Taco Co. fast food restaurant, along with self-service coffee, coffee and espresso with touchscreen ordering, cookies and croissants baked daily in the store, a wide range of organic products, natural and better for you products, an extensive selection of wines and much more.

The newest 7-Eleven store is located at 9750 Walnut Hill Lane on the corner of Audelia Road and is an experimental testing ground where customers can try and purchase the retailer’s latest innovations in a revolutionary store format. 7-Eleven opened three of these new concept stores in New York City, Washington, DC and San Diego earlier this year. More Evolution stores are expected to open in 2021.

Lake Highlands-born mixed media painter and artist Mariell Guzman helped create a unique brand personality for the business and the neighborhood. Two larger than life murals were painted by Guzman both in the store and on the north side of the store, visible from Walnut Hill and suitable for selfies and social media posts. Guzman’s Mexican heritage influences her art – the use of bright, rich colors and whimsical, fun designs reflects the energy of the neighborhood.

“We have learned a lot since we opened our first Evolution Store in early 2019. Above all, that convenience customers love the concept and its unique product mix, ”said Chris Tanco, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of 7-Eleven. “The Sylvan | 30 stores far exceeded our expectations. Sales were three times as high as originally planned. We have learned what is popular with customers and have already integrated our findings system-wide into new and existing 7-Eleven branches. “

The Lake Highlands Store will only have Laredo Taco Co.’s second restaurant in Dallas. 7-Eleven acquired the authentic Mexican concept together with Stripes convenience stores in South Texas as part of the acquisition of Sunoco with 1,000 stores in 2018.

The Laredo Taco Co. restaurants are famous in South Texas for their handcrafted tortillas, which are made from scratch in stores every day, as well as their popular salsa bar, with salsas, guacamole and pico de gallo made on site every day. Tacos, bowls, and platters include specialties not always found in Tex-Mex fast food restaurants, such as barbacoa, carne asada, picadillo, carnitas, and hand-broken egg breakfast tacos.

Some of the other innovative platforms that customers will see in the newest 7-Eleven Evolution store are:

  • Extended self-service hot beverage bar with coffee and espresso, which is prepared via a touchscreen after ordering
  • Customizable novelty self-service beverages on tap such as cold nitro brew, premium teas, aguas frescas, slurpee nitro beverages with frozen coffee, smoothies with real fruits and flavored mineral water
  • An expanded selection of (award-winning) national and international wines that customers can use to get their favorites just around the corner
  • Walk-in beer cooler with a curated selection of craft and local beers, popular imports, and best-selling big branded beers
  • Cookies, croissants and more baked daily in the store
  • Digital initiatives that improve the shopping experience. With mobile checkout technology, customers can skip the checkout line and pay for their (not age-restricted) purchases on their smartphone. With the 7NOW delivery app, customers can have their favorite items such as fresh groceries, beverages, snacks, groceries and household products delivered directly to their doorstep or collect them by ordering and paying in advance.

“7-Eleven continues to set new standards and try new solutions to meet customer needs,” said Tanco. “We’re ahead of the game with digital technology, especially contactless payments, home delivery, and loyalty programs. That has now proven particularly important as we continue to crack down on the pandemic. The shopping experience will keep evolving and we are focused on our bright future to serve customers. “

7-Eleven, based in Irving, Texas, operates, markets, and / or licenses more than 71,800 stores in 17 countries, including 12,000 in North America.

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