7 Dallas-area bars and restaurants offering cool mixed drinks to go

Times are tough. Aside from profound concerns about how Texans will weather our public health and economic crisis, we also wonder whether our favorite restaurants and bars will survive. At the end of too many long and disappointing days, sometimes it seems like the only thing you can do is take Jimmy Buffet’s advice: “When life has limes, make margaritas.”

Given that Governor Greg Abbott recently changed the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission’s guidelines to allow the execution and delivery of pre-mixed cocktails, and as we approach midsummer, it is high time for some frozen concoctions to help us out will – and for the restaurants we love – wait.

But before the spirit of Key West takes us too far, it’s important to know a few rules. Our previous explainer highlighted the most important ones:

“Mixed drinks have to be prepared and sealed on site. They must be labeled with the company’s name as an alcoholic drink and then put into bags that are closed with zip ties. Mixed drinks cannot be transported in the passenger areas of a vehicle. “

What is referred to as the “passenger area” has raised some questions for those considering how to transport 15 frozen margaritas home in 100-degree temperatures.

In an industry announcement dated June 27, TABC specifies areas in which alcohol should be stored while driving: “a glove box or similar storage container that is locked; the trunk of a vehicle; or the area behind the last upright seat of the vehicle if the vehicle does not have a trunk. “

So it’s a good idea to bring a cooler for the trunk. Or finding a delivery service to drop off your sangria strudel is another legal solution.

All of these local facilities are easy to order and offer no-touch pickup or delivery. We see Capri Sun bags of punch for adults and things we never thought possible like half gallon jugs of margaritas delivered to your doorstep. Other cocktails on the list are so enjoyable that it is nice when the professionals mix them for you.

City stove

The chicest steakhouse in Dallas has been hit hard by the coronavirus. Town Hearth was one of the first local restaurants to announce a positive employee test. After making adjustments in all of his restaurants, Nick Badovinus has reopened a takeaway menu at Town Hearth that includes sealed bottles of Aperol spritz and creations from mixologists like Phinney Blvd. – made with Savage & Cooke whiskey in a wine barrel – or Life Gives You Lemons with tequila, lemon, lillet and Cointreau. There are four different first-class steaks as well as a Wagyu burger and the extremely calming Bucatini Cacio e Pepe.

A take-away cocktail at ParadisoA take-away cocktail at Paradiso(Paradiso)


The Nicest Place to Eat in Bishop Arts recently stepped up its to-go game with double-served sachets of red sangria and palm with grapefruit ole and arette tequila from Jalisco, Mexico. The popular Gin and Strega-based cocktail with passion fruit juice called Life in Paradiso is also available. These would all be delicious with rosemary garlic butter french fries and a wood-fired pizza. For pickup, turn east on Melba and park at the back of the restaurant. Call and let them know you have arrived and a member of staff will bring your adult kid’s meal to your car.


For those looking for cocktail delivery, it’s wonderful to know that most of Mesero’s six locations in Dallas-Fort Worth offer free delivery within an 8 mile radius. All but the Inwood Village Restaurant ship on orders of $ 25. On the cocktail menu with Margarita-Forward there are 25 drinks to choose from. We were told that the 16-ounce frozen margaritas are currently the bestsellers, possibly because no one wants to clean a messy blender once the trip to Margaritaville begins. There are a variety of frozen margaritas such as the Brandon made from mango and strawberry puree and sangria and the Mr. Trey with a mandarine Napoléon float. The Frozé with frozen rosé, vodka and Licor 43 is also just the thing.

Ritas and Queso, which started out as a pop-up, serve take-away queso and margaritas.Ritas and Queso, which started out as a pop-up, serve take-away queso and margaritas.(Kelsey Wilson)

What began months ago as a pop-up from chef Julian Barsotti and business partner Glen Collins has now grown into a permanent Jug-o-Rita delivery service. The $ 55 standard kit includes half a gallon of frozen or thin margaritas, two cups of queso, one cup of salsa, a bag of french fries, and even lime and straws. For an additional $ 20, get more Tex-Mex classics with family-style meals that change every two months. The current offering consists of stacked enchiladas with A Bar N Ranch brisket and chuck chili con carne. At this point, Ritas and Queso are shipping to the following neighborhoods: Park Cities, Preston Hollow, North Dallas, Uptown, Oak Lawn / Turtle Creek, Lakewood, and Oak Cliff. An upgrade is in the works and kits can also be ordered for collection.

Take-away cocktails like the Cadillac Margarita are available at the ranch in Las Colinas.Take-away cocktails like the Cadillac Margarita are available at the ranch in Las Colinas.(The ranch in Las Colinas)

The ranch in Las Colinas

For residents of the Irving, Grapevine, and Farmers Branches, it’s worth taking a quick trip to the ranch in Las Colinas to purchase frozen whiskey totes made with Texas Straight Bourbon whiskey by Garrison Brothers. Twelve other cocktails are available in cute mason jars for $ 20. Favorites include the Cadillac Margarita and the Front Porch Swing with Deep Eddy Grapefruit Vodka, pineapple, lime, and mint. The takeaway menu has been narrowed down to five options, including Date Night with two toasted garlic-filled fillets, loaded buttermilk and chives whipped potatoes, grilled asparagus, and cornbread.

The broken souls

Las Almas Rotas recently morphed from an intimate mezcaleria to the sweetest drive-through in Dallas, where you can enjoy highly regarded frozen margaritas and mangonadas with tacos, burritos and enchiladas in a hot, spicy morita chili sauce. Ranch water and batangas with Mexican lemonades are also on the cocktail list, as is Viva la Vida, which is perfect for the summer with mezcal, fresh watermelon and green gunpowder tea. Orders and payments are made at the Square restaurant. To pick up, drive past the main entrance on Parry Avenue and take a direct right down the alley for a short break and loads of delicacies.

Bowen House

At Bowen House in Uptown, the patio and vintage dining room are closed as more than 51% of sales come from alcohol.

But because there are permanent food facilities, Bowen House is trying to retire with take-away and 23 exquisite cocktails to take away. This is the fancy stuff with drinks like the gold blood made from Glendalough’s Rose Gin (which is distilled with damask rose petals), demerara, saffron, and lemon. The cha cha cha with cachaça, amaro, strawberry, lemon, and topo chico is another one made with ingredients you probably won’t have at home. Menu items like beef tartare with truffles and crab rolls with imperial sauce are a reminder of why we urgently need restaurants and bars to stay alive in times when something special is in demand.

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