5 Top-Notch Dallas Food Gifts to Give This Year

Christmas is just around the corner and that means there are plenty of gifts to buy. Whether you’re keeping your list local this year, or just looking for something more interesting than a gift card, Dallas restaurants and chefs have inventive merch that’s worth getting hold of this holiday season.

From hot sauce that raises money for a good cause to a must-have book for any home kitchen, add this Dallas chef and restaurant merch to your cart right now.

Cam’s Hot Sauce, $ 18

Chef Nathan Tate, the culinary connoisseur at popular restaurants Boulevardier, Rapscallion and Hillside Tavern, is making a hot sauce to raise funds for medical treatment for his son Cameron, who was diagnosed with leukemia earlier this year. The sauce is made from smoked red jalapenos and then matured in charred oak barrels for about a month.

Tate is already being sold via a batch of sauce, but is currently taking pre-orders for a second that is expected to be ready in a month. To receive a bottle, send Tate $ 18 through PayPal ([email protected]) and write “Charge 2” in the notes when you order. Please visit Tate’s Facebook page for more information.

Turbo Salt, $ 12

Boost your margarita game (or ranch water, or literally any cocktail) with this flavorful, savory edge salt from Chef Anastacia Quinones’ popular Mexican restaurant, Jose. Turbo Salt is available for both shipping and pick-up of orders through Jose’s website, along with some very fancy t-shirts, baseball caps, and handcrafted Guadalajara ceramics.

Revelers Hall t-shirts, $ 24

This popular Bishop Arts bar is known for its sociable atmosphere and live music. That spirit is brought to life through the bar’s expertly designed t-shirts. To order, visit the Revelers Hall website. Hats, posters, hoodies and other goodies are also offered.

Koozies, stickers, bandanas, and t-shirts from Double Wide and Thunderbird Station start at $ 2

Bar maven Kim Finch serves some of the coolest restaurants in Dallas. There’s a very cool retro-style double wide trucker hat ($ 15), a cozy hoodie with the Armadillo logo from Single Wide, and a super-soft t-shirt from Finch’s newest company, the popular Thunderbird Station in Deep Ellum . Visit the Double Wide Store to place an order.

DFW blogger Mely Martinez
The Mexican Home Kitchen Cookbook, $ 28

Now that we’re all cooking at home a lot more than before, learning how to make caldo de res, flour tortillas, and horchata at home is a must. Give Frisco recipe author Mely Martinez, whose new cookbook The Mexican Home Kitchen has been loved by cookbook experts and chefs alike. Order through the Martinez website.

Cafe Momentum Christmas Gift Boxes starting at $ 46

For the holidays, pick up a big old box of goodies from downtown Cafe Momentum, including the famous coffee and biscuit mix, a T-shirt that says “Eat. Drink. Change life. “Motto and honey enriched with chilli from Bonton Farms. Looking for a gift for stockings? Grab a bottle of Cafe Momentum cabernet vinegar or a limited edition tea towel. Order online through the restaurant’s website.

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