5 Great Dallas Places to Fill Your Doughnut Hole

Right. We said “donuts”, not “donuts”. We could argue about it all morning, but by then all the donuts would be sold out. We don’t take that risk. Granted, this list is completely unnecessary – ALL donuts are inherently the “best”. Would we let that get in the way of our search for the freshest, puffiest, most creative fried batter Dallas has to offer? Of course not, you donut hole.

1. Jarams donuts

From the outside it looks like your average donut shop. Inside, however, there is a stunning showcase of creative designer donuts. Regulars rave about the croissant donuts, which require a 2-day kneading and maturing process. Adult children will love donut specialties like the wonderful fresh strawberry / cream cheese. Kids will fall in love with special donuts, like the M&M donut adorned with a Twinkie-turned servant stuffed in the middle.

Can you laugh at me Yes, you can. In addition to the standard variant, they are true to shape and offer artistically manufactured, fan-like collars. You can also make it even better with their flavorful jalapeñno kolaches.

Creativity Factor: Broke the Scales.

Yes, but how are the glazed ones? Just as amazing as their donut specialties. It has a light, crispy texture that is reminiscent of funnel cake.

Jarams Donuts, 17459 Preston Road, www.jarams.com

2. Hypnotic donuts

This is Dallas’ “Original Craft Donut Shop”. “Hyppies”, as fans like to be called or not, love the relaxed atmosphere here as much as the food. By sitting on a velvety couch propped against a donut-shaped pillow, you can enjoy your shopping from a comfortable seat, rather than the secret shame of your car. The donut names (including peanut butter / bacon / banana / honey “Evil Elvis”) will make you giggle, but it’s the taste that really puts a smile on your face.

Although the folks at Hypnotic tend to approach everything with a sense of humor, there is serious business here too. In January, they are hosting their annual 5K “Donut Dash” to benefit Carry the Load, an organization dedicated to honoring military and rescue workers. Don’t worry – a chubby rabbit contest and donut hole gas stations keep things easy.

Can you laugh at me Yup. But why should you care when they have five types of amazing chicken cookies including one (the “Jim”) that is served on a glazed donut and sprinkled with sriracha upon request?

Creativity Factor: Hell, we just set that scale.

Yes, but how are the glazed ones? Solid!

Hypnotic Donuts, 9007 Garland Road, www.hypnoticdonuts.com

3. Glazed donut works

In your grandmother’s time, donut shops were only a mornings: you doze, you lose. Not so nowadays. Glazed Donut Works is catering to Deep Ellum’s night owls by reopening for a late shift on Fridays and Saturdays from 10:30 PM to 2:00 AM. Glazed’s tantalizing flavors include handcrafted donuts in small quantities. These include Saigon Cinnamon, Deep Ellum Peppermint, Pumpkin, and Earl Gray Pomegranate. You don’t stop here; You wave a magic wand to realize food obsession like the donut ice cream sandwich and the grilled donut cheese and bacon.

Can you laugh at me Somehow! One of their unique creations is the “DO-Lache”, a smoked maple-blueberry sausage that is baked in donut batter and topped with a homemade maple glaze.

Creativity Factor: Large Honkin Points.

Yes, but how are the glazed ones? It sold out first for a reason.

4. Jerry’s donuts

There’s a “Help Wanted” sign posted outside Jerry’s door, and a quick glance at the long line of customers on an average morning will likely explain why. Jerry’s staff have been in the business for over four decades and have perfected the traditional donut. However, they also offer some 95-cent “fancy donuts,” including the coveted red velvet. Undisputed perfection, its glazed, dark red exterior breaks open in a burst of steam and reveals a red rudolph’s nose. Subtle notes of browned butter and caramel will take you to donut heaven. Apple fritters lovers will also enjoy the light layers of batter and apple filling that are on offer here.

It’s a nonsense-free place where you better hang your order and have your payment in hand when it’s your turn. Do you have a donut emergency? Do you order four dozen donuts or more? No problem. Simply call Jerry’s 24-hour hotline 972-24-DONUT.

PS The guy at the counter doesn’t think it’s cute when you ask if he’s Jerry (he’s not).

Can you laugh at me Sure can – traditional stuff, not a fun business.

Creativity Factor: There isn’t a huge emphasis on creativity here, but what they do, they do well.

Yes, but how are the glazed ones? Oh boy. If glaze is your thing, you won’t be disappointed.

Jerry’s Donuts, 12895 Josey Lane, Ste. 200

5. Sunrise donuts

Sunrise offers a mostly traditional spread, but the light, fluffy texture of their always fresh donuts lures many regulars out of bed early. A friendly, efficient staff hurls flavors like strawberry, chocolate icing, coconut, and a popular cinnamon icing. Bonus: big old cinnamon rolls.

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Can you laugh at me Yup! Plain, cheese or cheesy jalapeno. These are some of the best Kolachians in town if you believe what the Observer people say.

Creativity factor: Eh, not so much, except for a few seasonal shapes and colors.

Yes, but how are the glazed ones? They do it and they do it right.

Sunrise Donuts, 2615 Oak Lawn Ave., Ste. 107

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