4 oddly alluring Thanksgiving dishes to order in Dallas-Fort Worth

In 2020 I was stolen from a very specific moment of food that I look forward to every year. At least once during the State Fair of Texas – and sometimes often – I grab a bite of a fried this or that. And I think these things in this order:



It is strange.

But does it taste good? Could be.

[takes another bite]

Wait what Why?

Who cares, it tastes good.

You have had such an experience too. You sit at the interface between why does this exist and why has nobody done it before? Without the insane and weird concessions at the State Fair, we normally wouldn’t have the pleasure of eating such strangely tempting foods. And that’s why I noticed these four Thanksgiving dishes.

If like me you’re looking to enjoy a non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner, consider adding one of these dishes to your table.

Turkey legs stuffed with dressing

at Smokey John’s Bar-B-Que in Dallas

Smokey John’s Bar-B-Que sells turkey thighs filled with cornbread dressing for Thanksgiving 2020.(Clarence Hodrick III by J McClure Photography)

You don’t have to be The Hulk to order these stuffed turkey legs at Smokey John’s Bar-B-Que in Dallas, but it wouldn’t hurt. A single turkey leg, the equivalent of roughly a pound of meat, is more than a foot long and comes filled with cornbread dressing. The dressing is light and sweet. It’s, dare I say, the best Thanksgiving dressing I’ve ever tasted.

And the dressing is available on its own if you aren’t into cavemen.

It takes about 5.5 hours for the turkey legs to be smoked, stuffed and topped with homemade sauce. They could be a surprising addition to a Thanksgiving dinner, or you could buy them as a Turkey Day appetizer on the Wednesday night before the feast. Slide the tray into the oven for a quick reheat.

Turkey legs come two in one order for $ 39.95 or four for $ 79.95. The package contains sauce and cranberry sauce; The dressing is stuffed into the turkey leg. Smokey John’s also sells Thanksgiving take-away meals, including rolls, smoked turkey, side dishes, and cakes. Order by Friday, November 20th at smileyjohns.com or by calling 214-352-2752. Collection from November 23rd to 25th. Smokey John’s is located at 1820 W. Mockingbird Lane, Dallas.

Thanksgiving corn dog

from Corn Dog with no name in Dallas

Corn Dog With No Name's Thanksgiving Corn Dog is $ 9 and is available for four more days in November.Corn Dog With No Name’s Thanksgiving Corn Dog is $ 9 and is available for four more days in November.(Jace Christensen)

This Dallas corn dog restaurant already had fried turkey francs on the menu. So why not spice up the batter with a little more flavor, says co-owner Jace Christensen, for a Thanksgiving treat? The turkey Frank at Corn Dog With No Name in Dallas is dipped in a sage-celery-onion batter, fried and served with turkey sauce and cranberry sauce.

Get a bunch of these for your family members who are missing out on the State Fair.

Each corn dog costs $ 9. They are available on November 20th, 21st, 27th and 28th from Corn Dog With No Name at 10220 Technology Blvd. E, Dallas. Customers don’t have to call ahead to purchase Thanksgiving corn dogs. They will also be on sale on November 20th from 4pm to 9pm on the GeO deck in Reunion Tower, 300 Reunion Blvd. E, Dallas.

Thanksgiving sausage

from the Hurtado Barbecue in Arlington

The Thanksgiving sausage at the Hurtado Barbecue in Arlington is a pretty serious Turkey Day commitment.The Thanksgiving sausage at the Hurtado Barbecue in Arlington is a pretty serious Turkey Day commitment.(Lawrence Jenkins / Special Contributor)

The nice thing about sausage is that chefs can put almost anything in it. At the Hurtado Barbecue in Arlington, owner Brandon Hurtado fills them with turkey, pork, mashed potatoes, cornbread filling, sauce and cranberry sauce. Really. It’s Thanksgiving in a single bite.

While you’re there, save yourself Thanksgiving troubles and grab a smoked turkey. Or texify your vacation and grab some smoked brisket and street corn. It’s a strange year so you can turn your Thanksgiving dinner into a non-traditional celebration.

Sausages cost $ 9 per pound. They are available Wednesday through Sunday through late November at Hurtado Barbecue, 205 E. Front St., Arlington.

The eater

at Easy Slider in Deep Ellum

I know you've already seen a photo of The Gobbler in the story above, but here it is again.I know you’ve already seen a photo of The Gobbler in the story above, but here it is again.(Courtesy Easy Slider)

I will blow you away This is a turkey pusher with a tiny piece of pecan pie on top. As. Sweet. Is. The.

Let’s start with the main course: it’s a slice-sized turkey patty with sauce, dressing, and jalapeño pecan cranberry relish. We would ask the owners of Easy Slider for this delightful recipe if we weren’t so distracted by the dessert course: This adorable little piece of cake on your head.

I’m pretty sure it will impress everyone on Thanksgiving.

Sliders are $ 6 each, two for $ 11, or three for $ 15. The restaurant is open at all times – for lunch or dinner Tuesday through Sunday – through November 30th at Easy Slider, 2701 Main St., Dallas.

I would love to hear what you eat on Thanksgiving. Follow me on Twitter @sblaskovich and let’s talk about Turkey.

This year, Dive Coastal Cuisine is offering Thanksgiving products, including a herb and brine turkey, seasoned and seared beef tenderloin, and grass side dishes.

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