14 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Deserving Dallas Darling

In a year where shopping in the area was encouraged to keep beloved businesses alive in our community, vacations are a perfect opportunity to speak your local partner’s love language.

Somehow February 14th is less than a week away. Before Covid-19, the most stressful item on your checklist was making dinner reservations well before February 13th. Today holidays are even more demanding, but with a dash of creativity it can be just as special.

Say no to the panic impulse to buy non-specific drugstore cards. Look no further than these 14 customizable shopping options. With something for every identity and interest, this list is your ultimate guide to a successful Valentine’s Day in 2021.

  1. PLUMS – loungewear for the love of your life

PLUMS offers underwear and casual wear for men and women and was launched in the summer of 2020. The average rating is 4.65 out of five stars.

Conveniently, PLUMS is sold exclusively on Amazon. There are also matching men’s and women’s prints so that you can parallelize your other half on this V-Day. Prices range from $ 16 to $ 48 with free shipping to Amazon Prime members.

2. Southern Tide – The tide is high so hold on to your honey

Much to the horror of summer enthusiasts, the coldest weather in Texas comes at the beginning of the year. For women and men who dream of warmer days, Southern Tide offers a Multi Stripe Matching Set and an Intercoastal sweater.

3. d.RT – Make a statement with fresh streetwear

d. RT is a fresh fashion brand based in Dallas that sells the hottest streetwear, from hats to hoodies, which cost $ 35 and $ 120 respectively.

Jewelry and accessories

4. Kendra Scott – Yellow is the new pink

Kendra Scott was founded in Austin and made the little yellow box an icon among jewelry lovers. Customers choose from Valentine’s Day necklaces, earrings and bracelets from Kendra Scott’s latest winter collection.

If you are looking for something unique, Kendra Scott offers a custom engraving for a keepsake that your significant other will cherish long after February.

Open to limited-capacity walk-in, roadside pickup and delivery, Kendra Scott has 102 retail stores with fresh collections for every occasion. In the event of a time crunch, Kendra Scott has partnered with Favor Delivery across Texas to deliver a limited collection of Kendra Scott jewelry from your local Texas store on the same day.

5. Leather lore – leather lovebirds flock together

Headquartered in Dallas, Leatherology offers customizable leather goods at competitive prices due to its vertically integrated market format. Leatherology offers a comprehensive range of colors for pull cases, jewelry organizers and eye masks. The luxury leather brand sells direct online to provide savings for consumers.

6. Tracee Nichols Fine Jewelry – Diamonds are a friend’s best friend

Tracee Nichols Fine Jewelry’s mission is to make every piece a symbolic story in order to evoke an emotion in the wearer. This motivation comes from the story of the founder. Dallas-based designer Nichols has come a long way selling jewelry in a thrift store. Following the commercial success of their first signature necklace, the Roman, Nichols has become a household name for making sentimental yet functional pieces. Today notable people like Taylor Swift, Ashley Graham, John Travolta and Kristin Chenoweth have worn Tracee Nichols Fine Jewelry. Prices start at $ 1,800.

to eat and drink

7. Casa Dragones Joven – Tequila that is worth trying

Casa Dragones Joven sells small quantities of 100% Blue Agave Sipping Tequila from Mexico City. Give the newly introduced anejo or blanco to your tequila connoisseur to perfect your ranch water. Prices range from $ 75 to $ 285.

8. Perini – Give a prime example of a steak dinner

Since 1983, the Perini Ranch Steakhouse at the Perini Ranch in Buffalo Gap has been serving old-fashioned food-wagon-style food. Perini recommends Ranch Mesquite Smoked Tenderloin ($ 125) if you have a home date this year, or Perini Ranch’s Second Cookbook ($ 35) so you can enjoy delicious Texan recipes all year round.

9. Kastra – Greek vodka for a good mood

Kastra offers consumers and drinkers the first premium sip vodka made from olives – from Nafpaktos, Greece. Kastra recommends the Elion ($ 55) for the vodka enthusiast in your life.


10. Manorly – Give valuable time and domestic peace

Dallas-based Manorly is a one-stop home management service. The company offers home repair, maintenance, and concierge services. Residents use this service to arrange onboard personal financial appraisals and subcontracting. Manorly is responsible for the maintenance of some of Dallas’s most valuable properties. The tech startup uses licensed and insured subcontractors to handle tasks related to every homeowner’s schedule.

If 2020 has taught us anything, the ultimate gift is spending time with those we love. The gift of a subscription to Manorly saves time a North Texan would spend on their home / yard to be with loved ones. This Valentine’s Day, Manorly is offering a 25 percent discount on membership in the first month with the code BEMINE25. Monthly memberships range from $ 99 to $ 410 depending on the frequency of home inspections.

11. Bell’INVITO – love letters for those looking for words of affirmation

Bell’INVITO Stationery & Home, based in Dallas, offers a variety of handcrafted products and services for those who still believe in the power of a handwritten card. Bell’INVITO’s new products, aptly named after you to show your affection, are Hey Boo ($ 68) and Pucker ($ 85).

12. SkinSpirit – Mr and Mrs massages

Every person who lived through 2020 deserves a spa vacation from SkinSpirit, which offers face and body products sourced from top medical graduates. SkinSpirit services include diamond glow facials and botox treatments. SkinSpirit’s newest location in Plano opened on January 13th.

13. City Golf Club – One tee time

The City Golf Club acts as an active meeting place for golf fanatics in your life. The City Golf Club is located in The Crescent in Dallas. Rents and memberships range from $ 60 to $ 4,000

14. Cherry – Nails are the cherry on top of any look

Cherry is an on-demand platform that connects customers with independent nail technicians. The Dallas-based service brings nail technicians straight to customers, offering both convenience for users and more flexibility for manicurists, many of whom have been able to leave their salon life behind. Enhance your galentine’s gatherings with mobile manicure services. Prices range from $ 10 to $ 105 depending on your pampering needs.

Whoever you spend the 14th with, you can take advantage of the goods and services of these 14 companies.

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